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At Sciences Po Saint-Germain, visiting students can attend a wide range of classes, in terms of subjects and pedagogy.

Course offer

Classes open to international students are taught in French or in English, and follow one of two formats :

  • Lecture, or ‘Cours magistral’ : a 2-hour class for 10 to 11 weeks; they centre on the core subjects of Social Sciences
  • Seminar, or ‘Séminaire d’ouverture’: a 3-hour class for 5 weeks, on a very precise topic (Politics of the Middle East, Participatory democracy …). In this class format, students are expected to participate more orally and be involved in more group work

You will choose your subjects in the curricula of :

  • 1st year of the undergraduate program
  • 2nd year of the undergraduate program
  • 1st year of the Master’s program, available only during the Autumn semester or students staying the whole academic year. Master courses are held from september to november and from december to february. Courses are dedicated to Master students or 3rd year students after prior agreement.
We have also designed lectures specifically for international students, taught in English, and focusing on topics related to French history, French society and current events. The number and variety of classes in English allows international students to meet the requirements of their home university solely with classes taught in English, for example 30 ECTS credits per semester for Erasmus +. Please note that only the classes listed on the catalogue are open to international students. The course catalogue is slightly revised each year and is made public in the summer before the start of the academic year.

Check with your university how many ECTS, classes or hours are required to validate your exchange.


Assessment and Transcript of grades

International students are assessed along the French full-time students and with the same assessment tools. Each professor decides to give one or more assessments, such as quizzes, an oral presentation, an essay, a group work, a final exam … This is explained in the syllabus and during the first class. After your period of study, you will receive the official transcript of your grades and number of ECTS earned.