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Année Préparatoire Intégrée (API)

Sciences Po Saint-Germain-en-Laye offers an Année Préparatoire Intégrée (API) or Integrated Preparatory Year, before getting into a master’s degree. It is opened to those who weren’t able to experience a year abroad.

API’s goals

The goal of the first semester is to complete the student’s knowledge and skills :
  • Mandatory classes
  • Method lectures in small groups
  • Workshops with diverse problematics
  • An optional third language, for beginners or intermediary level
  • The possibility to attend to pre-specialization classes in order to prepare for 4th year
  • La participation à un projet de recherche de terrain.
The goal of the second semester is to acquire a global experience: within a university exchange, many opportunities are offered worldwide through exchange agreements or with at-least-four-month internship, with an internship report and an oral presentation.

The program

Class name
Constitutional law (1A)
Introduction to political sociology (1A)
Institutions and challenges of the European Union (2A)
Introduction to economic analysis (1A)
Geopolitics (1A)
Class name
Methods in law
Methods in political sociology
Institutions and challenges of the European Union – seminars
Methods and stakes of micro-economy
Class name
Globalization sociology
Theory of international relations
Public politics
Administrative law
Legal stakes of creation
Communication sociology
Public economics
Macro, micro economy and finances modelling
Class name
Debate and argumentation
General sociology (1A)
2 opening lectures to choose over this list offered to 2nd year students (2 x 2 ECTS)
Opera and politics
Holocaust, between memory and history
Politic stakes of deafness
Crisis and critics of democracies
History of heritage and museums (XIX and XX centuries)
Geohistory and geopolitics of Sahel
Politics of the Middle East>
Introduction to postcolonial studies
Science and technology studies
Estudios Culturales S3 : representar la guerra
Cultural approach to globalization
Germany’s identities : a politic history since 1945
Class name
Research project
Class name
International mobility
Class name
First Language mandatory DLE English
Second Language mandatory, one to choose :
  • German language class and civilization
  • Italian language class and civilization
  • DLE Spanish + Estudios culturales
Third Language (optional, for beginners or intermediary level) :
  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Sign language
Class name
Writing workshop
Writing and oral methodology
French Sign Language
Supervised physical education
Exhibitions and spectacles
Unsupervised physical education