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First year basics

First year, as in every Sciences Po school, is a general year and teaches all students the basics in political science, law, contemporary history, sociology and economy.

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First year’s goals :

The first year enables students to gain strong basics in social sciences. First year’s purpose is to develop a strong critical analysis upon the contemporary world thanks to the the learning of a strict methodology.

This first year is built around :
  • 8 fundamental courses and 8 methodological lectures (around 10 to 15 students per group)
  • 2 teaching units in foreign languages
  • 6 opening teachings

The program

Course name
Constitutional law
Introduction to economic analysis 1
History of modernity
Introduction to political sociology
Compared political institutions
Introduction to economic analysis 2
History of colonial situations
Political philosophy
Course name
Methods in law 1
Methods and stakes of micro-economy
Methods in contemporary History 1
Methods in political sociology
Methods in compared political institutions
Methods and stakes of macro-economy
Methods in contemporary History 2
Methods in political philosophy
Course name
General sociology
Introduction to gender studies
Geopolitics 1
Cultural studies 1 : initiation to Film analysis and World Discovery
Arts and politics
Digital sociology
Main political stakes of Anthropocene
Cultural studies S2 : Commonwealth civilization
Geopolitics 2
Course name
Stakes of the ecological transition
Course name
General knowledge on data
Methodology research
Debates and argumentation (café philo)
Course name
Mandatory LVA : DLE

Mandatory LVB, one to choose :

  • Language and civilization course in German 1
  • Language and civilization course in Italian 1
  • DLE Spanish + Estudios culturales DLE

Third Language (optional, for beginners or intermediary level) :

  • Chinese
  • Russian
  • Arabic
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
Course name
Writing workshop
Mathematics workshop
Technology and utilization of audiovisual devices
Supervised physical education
Oral and written methodology
French Sign Language
Exhibitions and spectacles
Unsupervised physical education