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International outlook

The international perspective is a key feature of our training. Its main goal is to foster the ability to work in an international environment, to grasp intercultural differences and to build on them.

All our students spend their 3rd year abroad. In the meantime, we welcome exchange students from our university partners and free mover students from all over the world. They have the chance to experience excellence in teaching at Sciences Po Saint-Germain, and a wide cultural choice in Paris area.

We have also set up a unique cursus in International Cooperation, combining the study of complex policy issues and project work with NGOs mainly in Asia and Africa.

Déborah Galimberti

Academic head of international affairs office

Contact : international@sciencespo-saintgermain.fr

Sciences Po has signed Erasmus + and bilateral agreements with over 70 universities in more than 45 countries, with new destinations opening every year.

The 3rd year abroad is an integral part of the curriculum. Through this formative experience, our students :

  • Get familiar with other cultures, and get a new perspective about the world and its challenges
  • Learn differently, with a pedagogy and tools they are not accustomed to
  • Progress towards independence, on their way to adulthood

The majority of our students choose to participate in full-year exchange program in a partner university. Others opt for a one-semester exchange program followed by a 4 to 6 months internship abroad.